I’m a Norfolk Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, working all over Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.


I live in a really pretty village in Norfolk, not far off the A11 (so I can scoot to most places fast!), in a 350 year old old, beamed cottage. It’s a nightmare to dust and creaks wherever you walk, but at least my kids will never be able to sneak in too late! My son, who’s at the UEA and daughter who’s doing A levels, both live with me, along with a couple of cats.


I would say "when I don't have a camera in my hand" I do lots of other things, but I pretty much do have a camera in my hand most of the time - if not my big guns, then my little Olympus, or even my iPhone.


I love:

  • a really good cup of tea ☕️
  • Gin & Baileys (not with the tea) 🍸
  • the little moments in life, those that make your heart swell - a gorgeous sunset, stunning view or a happy moment 🏞
  • reading quirky random fiction novels (anyone else read the Thomas Covenant chronicles? 😉 ) 📚
  • all sorts of music from heavy rock to dancy pop stuff 🎸
  • water - being on it, near it & sometimes in it - kayaking in my Intex is wonderful! 🚣
  • exclamation marks!!! ❗️
  • spring - seeing all the greenery busting out makes me happy! 🌱
  • wildflowers - the bees need them! 🌸🌻
  • binge watching in the winter (Jane the Virgin, Ugly Betty, Stranger Things, Santa Clarita Diet, This is Us, Line of Duty, Outlander, The OA, True Blood... get the idea?) 📺
  • walking - exploring new places - I have Iceland at the very top of my bucket list! 🚶‍♀️
  • stationery & stuff - MAMBI - look at your peril! 📙





Well, I'm extremely sneaky, but in a nice way - I'll shoot through foliage and round corners and generally blend into the background so you won't know I'm there... I've BAGS of experience (I've been shooting for 10 years now!) and nothing fazes me - really, nothing! I have to be honest and say semi naked groomsmen getting ready are one of the perks of the job ;) I'm a people person and have a great sense of fun - I love to see YOU having fun on your wedding day - and shooting it!

The Professional Me!


I work very professionally and discretely on the day – I document the day naturally as it unfolds and your guests will barely know I’m there, but I’ll get great photos of them. I’m definitely not a bossy photographer, and can usually get those groups together without having to raise my voice (I just let someone else do the job for me – that’s what best men are for!). All the equipment I use is of high professional standard and I am also fully insured and have multiple back up procedures.


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