Hi! I’m a Norfolk Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, working all over Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. I live in a lovely village not far from Norwich with my two gorgeous children (and long suffering models), and a couple of cats!

I used to drive people mad carrying my camera around with me constantly and taking photos but it was my "thing" that I just loved doing - and still is! I literally photographed anything that moved (or didn't move!), for several year's worth of "Photo a Day" projects over on THIS PHOTO WEBSITE.

I've always been a bit of an IT geek and using all the up to date photography software is so enjoyable for me - I also edit photos so if you need anything Photoshopping... give me a shout!

I've devoured many books and magazines and done a lot of training on some wonderful courses (Aspire Photography Training are the best!) and after helping a friend out with her weddings back in 2008, decided this was absolutely the thing I wanted to do. So nearly 10 years later, here I am, still shooting weddings and still thoroughly enjoying doing so.

I still cry during the ceremony (and maybe a little during the speeches too); I get a thrill of excitement when I see all the amazing details that you've put into your day; I feel so honoured to be chosen to be a part of someone's wedding day - it's such a wonderful occasion.

The personal me:

* I’m a calm and un-flappable person, even at life’s most stressful moments.

* I LOVE colourful things and sparkly things

* Cupcakes. Just cupcakes.

* I adore stationery and notebooks ... Oh and I'm into planners & stickers (think MAMBI!)

* I'm a voracious reader, my dream is to have an entire room devoted to books (with a big squishy armchair in the corner!)

* I love turquoise, silver and hearts - who'd have guessed!

* I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to Lightroom, Photoshop and I love my iMac (in my previous life I was an IT trainer, working in London!)

The professional me:

I work very professionally and discretely on the day – I document the day naturally as it unfolds and your guests will barely know I’m there, but I’ll get great photos of them. I’m definitely not a bossy photographer, and can usually get those groups together without having to raise my voice (I just let someone else do the job for me – that’s what best men are for!).  All the equipment I use is of high professional standard and I am also fully insured and have multiple back up procedures.

Love my job!